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HOPE in Action:
Save lives by delivering health care solutions to those who need it most!

You can Make HOPE Happen by creating your own Project HOPE fundraiser. Donate your birthday, throw a party, or run a race. Dream big or keep it simple. Every action you take brings HOPE around the globe.

P.S. You aren’t on your own. We have ideas, tools, and a sincere desire to help. Let’s do this together!

Your chance to bring HOPE in Action!

Help Project HOPE provide Health Opportunities for People Everywhere. Register as a team or individual and help improve the lives of vulnerable men, women, and children throughout the world.


Check out these four easy steps:


    Register online to commit to bringing HOPE in Action. Set a fundraising goal as an individual or create a team for a shared experience.

  • Commit

    Show your support by designing a unique fundraiser for Project HOPE and raising money as an individual or a team. Not sure where to start? No worries. We are full of ideas that range from super simple to extremely creative. Reach out to Katie today to get started.

  • Act

    Share Project HOPE’s global health solutions with family and friends and reach out to them for their support. You will have access to a personal fundraising page and easy to use online tools that make spreading the word via email and social media simple and fun.

  • Celebrate

    The impact you’ll make will be global!

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Project HOPE field workers overcome daily obstacles to provide health care assistance to those who need it most.

Scarce Resources

After catastrophic events, many clinics lack the necessary sanitation and proper shelter.


Illness is rampant due to the lack of education on infectious disease prevention.


Without proper medical supplies, many treatable diseases evolve into epidemics.


Due to the lack of health care infrastructure, clinics work non-stop to help those who most need it.

With your participation in HOPE in Action, you can help alleviate the most exhausting burdens faced in our clinics and help build sustainable health care solutions.

Help our On-the-Ground Teams save lives around the globe.
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